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Empowering ambassadors of wellness to redefine chiropractic care with functional medicine.

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The Business Adjustment Podcast

The Business Adjustment Podcast

Our focus on the podcast is helping chiropractors take their business to new heights! Along with entrepreneur and marketing expert Isaac Oswalt we dive deep into the business side of running a chiropractic clinic. From practical advice to actionable insights, our aim is to help you ‘win’ more at your clinic and discover practical systems that leads you to achieving your full potential as an ambassador of wellness.

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About Dr. Gabe

Health comes from within. I truly believe that. From my early chiropractic days of a mission trip to India, to discovering my mom had cancer and beat it – I have seen firsthand how health affects us and also how precious life is to experience. Health is a journey that you must work on every day if you truly want to live life to its fullest potential. Our current healthcare system isn’t working – and that is exactly why chiropractors should stand out. We have adopted the philosophy and understanding that the human body is amazing – remove the interference from the nervous system, identify the toxicities and deficiencies and your body is more than capable of living a long, high quality life.  

I embrace the education, philosophy and skills that I have learned and truly believe natural health and wellness have the ability to change the lives of thousands of people – and that excites me beyond belief.  

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About Dr. Gabe

Functional Medicine

I believe functional medicine has the ability to bring homeostasis to both our mental and physical state, learn more about my chiropractic philosophy.


Passionate about Health and Wellness

Natural health is at the core of all I do. Achieving optimal health for others, is just not a one time goal but a daily ongoing commitment. I not only want to help those seeking to better their health, but also support my fellow health and wellness practitioners in their desire to be ambassadors of wellness in the community.

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Passionate about Health and Wellness

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